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Duet & Her Family

We hope that learning about Duet and other family's stories inspires you to join us in working to fund more BPAN research so that Duet and others can look forward to living long, healthy lives. Music is the key! 

Be sure to scroll to the bottom and and click on the links for Duet's brother's pages. Lake Anthony is on a mission to use his musical talents to bring attention to his sister's rare disorder so that a cure might be found and they can grow up strong and healthy together over the coming years. 


Click on the video image below to learn more about Duet and her family. 

Duet looking up and smiling from a news clip from Action News Now called Overcoming the Odds.
Duet, Lake Anthony, Coot and Katherine smiling together and standing on a beach as a family.
Lake Anthiny music image of Lake Anthony on stage and standing before a massive crowd at the Dry Diggins festival
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